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Officials Needed
4/18/2019 - Baseball @ Kalida
Need 1 JV Boys Baseball Umpire at Kalida for Thursday, April 18, 2019 at 5:00 p.m.
Contact:Carol Bockrath (carol.bockrath@kalidaschools.org) Phone #s: (Home)

4/19/2019 - Baseball @ New Bremen
Need an umpire for a junior varsity baseball game starting at 5 PM
Contact:Gary Jones (gary.jones@newbremenschools.org) Phone #s: (419)-733-5635

4/19/2019 - Baseball @ Shawnee
Shawnee 8th grade needs 2 officials for baseball starting 5:00. Please contact Tom Croft at 419-230-4443. Please don't contact me about this. I have no other information.
Contact:Sean Silver (seanump@hotmail.com) Phone #s:419-394-7524 (Home)

4/22/2019 - Baseball @ Celina
Need 1 for 9th baseball starts at 5pm pays 55. each
Contact:Jeff Fortkamp (jeff.fortkamp@celinaschools.org) Phone #s: (Home)

4/23/2019 - Softball @ Bluffton
Bluffton needs 1 Varsity Softball umpire for Game with Cory Rawson on April 23 beginning at 5:00pm. If willing and available contact Alex Hanna, HannaA@blufftonschools.org or 419-230-1012.
Contact:Alex Hanna (hannaa@blufftonschools.org) Phone #s:419-230-1012 (Home)

4/27/2019 - Baseball @ New Bremen
Need an umpire for a freshman double header starting at 10 am
Contact:Gary Jones (gary.jones@newbremenschools.org) Phone #s:4197335635

4/29/2019 - Baseball @ Lincolnview
umpire needed for a Jr. High baseball game. 5:00 start. email or text if available
Contact:Kevin Losh (klosh@lincolnview.k12.oh.us) Phone #s:567-376-9316

11/30/2019 - Basketball @ Convoy crestview
Need a replacement for 7/8 girls games start time 10 am
Contact:Dana Motter (danamotter1971@aol.com) Phone #s:419-581-0990 (Home)

11/30/2019 - Basketball @ Conviy crestviee
Need replacement for jv boys start time is 6 pm
Contact:Dana Motter (danamotter1971@aol.com) Phone #s:419-581-0990 (Home)

12/3/2019 - Basketball @ Marion Local
Need 1 JV officials for a Girls game on 12/3/19 with a 6pm Tip. Please email me, first come first Serve. Event has moved from Van Wert to Marion Local. Thanks!
Contact:Steve Hammon (hammon.stevenm@gmail.com) Phone #s:419-439-0659 (Cell)

1/11/2020 - Basketball @ St. Marys
Need 2 JV officials for a Boys game on 1/11/20 with a 6pm Tip. Please email me, first come first Serve.
Contact:Steve Hammon (hammon.stevenm@gmail.com) Phone #s:419-439-0659 (cell)

1/25/2020 - Basketball @ Edgerton
Need 2 jv officials for a boys game at Edgerton vs Edon on 1-25-2020 with a 6pm start. Email me at joy99@bright.net. Thanks.
Contact:Mike Basinger (joy99@bright.net) Phone #s:419-453-3441 (Home)

11/21/2020 - Basketball @ Archbold
Need 1 JV official for a Girls game on 11/21/20 with a 6pm Tip. Please email me, first come first Serve.
Contact:Steve Hammon (hammon.stevenm@gmail.com) Phone #s:419-439-0659 (cell)
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