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As we developed SportsOfficialsOnline.com, we did it with the thoughts in mind that it would help officials get more games and that it would also reduce the number of needless phone calls by athletic directors and assignors trying to locate available officials for their sporting events. To this day, we continue to receive many, many kind comments regarding the way our service is helping both sports officials and athletic directors/assignors. Here are just some of those comments. We thank them all for their kind words. Please stop back periodically to read our testimonials, as we will continue to update them as new comments are received.

Sports Official Testimonials: 

  • Keep up the Great Work!!! You are helping all officials reach the schools and all the schools reach the officials. Thanks, RP, Official Logan County
  • Thanks for the offer to rejoin your online availability service.  I did benefit from the service last year and have been called recently for spring 2003 games already.  After having been out of officiating for several years I really benefited from your on-line services in order to pick up some games last spring and to get my name back in circulation.  It is sometimes difficult to get games if you're a young official and or starting over as in my case.  Given all the rainouts last spring, it was especially helpful in getting our schedules out to the AD's.  Thanks for starting the service and keep up the good work. DLB, Official - Shelby County
  • This program sure works great.  I keep getting calls based on openings and I'm sure it eliminates some calls when they see my schedule.  Great work! PH, Official - Allen County
  • Just to let you know, both of my thumbs are still pointed up. Your service is wonderful. Thanks. MH, Official Shelby County
  • You guys have done a bang up job with this.  This last season I know that I picked up at least 5 games for baseball through the site.  I figure that 5 times $45 per game, my investment more than paid off.  Keep up the good work. Thanks, WL, Official - Logan County
  • Have gotten a lot of very goods responses from the AD's in this area of Northwest Ohio on the great help your service offers. Keep up the good work. HD, Official Williams County
  • I think the system is great and none of us officials realize the time and effort your guys put in to it to make it that way.  Keep up the good work and keep signing up the schools. AH, Official Logan County
  • In a week that I have been on-line I have already picked up 3 or 4 games. This is very easy to use and I am going to tell my fellow umpires and officials to seriously consider this as it is very inexpensive and well worth it.  The calendar is a great feature that I wish my college group could get as I have to e-mail or fax a closed date every time I schedule a new game. Keep up the good work and I look forward to being a part of this for a long time. BK, Official Allen County
  • I picked up 4 varsity games for basketball this past season.  I am already receiving calls from assigners for 2004 softball season that they have went on line and saw that I had open dates from the Green Meadows Conference.  This is a wonderful tool. KL, Official - Van Wert County
  • This is great.  The first day I signed on I received calls and e-mails for nine games. I was able to pick up seven of these.  I think anyone who does not go online with you will be missing the boat.  This makes the job easier for all involved.  Thanks again. DJ, Official - Defiance County
  • Hey, things are working well for me.  I have already received a couple of basketball games and also some softball games thanks to your website.  It has helped tremendously for me.  Thanks. JR, Official Putnam County
  • The website has been working great for me. I have received almost all of my games via the website, and I am on a Varsity-only schedule. My dates are almost completely filled and I am more than satisfied with the responses I have received. I have also received compliments from area athletic directors, praising me for keeping my site updated and saving them headaches from trying to find officials who have their site updated. Thanks. NM, Official Auglaize County
  • The site is a valuable asset for schools and officials. I am a first year basketball official, and this site was responsible for most of my games I worked this season. JM, Official - Logan County
  • Just thought I would say hello to SportsOfficialsOnline.com.  The service is really user friendly and I have had zero difficulty in getting started.  Thanks for the direction and assistance. SC, Official Fulton County
  • My 2004 schedule is 50% full, thanks to SportsOfficialsOnline.com and I'm already scheduling games for 2005.
    MB, Fulton County
  • I've heard a lot of good things about your site, and after going through the setup, it seems very easy to use.  I had no problems at all. DS, Official - Putnam County


Association Secretary Testimonials: 

  • Last night at our meeting one umpire stood up and said he had received 28 games in the last 7 days.  Another umpire echoed that he received 7 games in the last two days.  Amazing! DM, Association Secretary
  • I wanted to tell you how much the officials and athletic directors really like your service. It has really made my job as secretary easier, too. BW Association Secretary

Athletic Director / Assignor Testimonials:

  • This (your service) is a no-brainer to have.  It has saved several nights of working late so I can be with my family.  I haven't failed yet to find an official. J Edinger, AD -  Spencerville HS
  • Wow!!! SportsOfficialsOnline has really made our jobs as athletic directors easier. It is a very organized, well thought out, user-friendly system that makes getting officials & umpires so easy! Great system!  J Shatto, AD Ft Loramie HS
  • SportsOfficialsOnline is an excellent tool for Athletic Directors. It has already made my life much easier. D Blue, AD Hicksville HS
  • SportsOfficialsOnline has been a tremendous help in finding officials.  It is especially helpful for non-varsity events and rescheduled games. T Meyer, AD Cory-Rawson HS
  • I would like to say how much this service has helped this Spring.  It is wonderful to be able to go to a site and find out who is open and willing to work for your school. Whereas, in the past you would just pull out your officials list and start calling.  It has really been a time saver. K Smelser, AD Van Wert HS
  • SportsOfficialsOnline has been a great help to me, especially this spring with all the cancellations.  This service is a win-win for all involved - the schools and the officials.  I'd encourage all schools/officials to get on board. D Krauss, AD-Archbold HS
  • Sports Officials Online has been what the doctor ordered for me.  It has saved me an unbelievable amount of time.  It also gives me names of officials interested in coming to our school that I would have not even ever thought of contacting.  Officials and AD's benefit from this service. T Boeckman, AD St Henry HS
  • SportsOfficialsOnline.com has been a MAJOR time saver for me.  It has cut out all of the cat and mouse phone call games and I can find an official after spending 10 minutes on the computer rather than spending hours and hours on phone calls in the evenings.  Spring has been great! Now if we can get the quality basketball officials online, the scheduling nightmare will become a breeze. M Donovan, AD - Stryker HS
  • With the many rainouts and postponements this spring, your website has been greatly appreciated since I can now simply look to see who is available on the rescheduled date.  Thanks,  B Flack, AD - Pettisville HS
  • SportsOfficialsOnline has been a tremendous help in finding officials; especially during the spring with bad weather rescheduling.  We have avoided spending hours on the telephone.  We are very pleased with the service. B Kattman, AD - Lima Shawnee HS
  • I couldn't be happier with your service.  It has made my job so much easier this spring.  First of all, I can't stand trying to track down officials via the telephone to see if they are available to work make-up softball & baseball games.  Your service has taken that away by showing me instantly who is available to work on any given day.  I love e-mail, and this allows me to send an e-mail & receive word back quickly without playing "phone tag."  I know other AD's using your service feel the same way.

    Because I'm new to the Napoleon area, I'm still learning who the area officials are in the various sports we offer.  Your service has helped eliminate the hassle of calling or sending out letters to find officials.  Once again, I look on the screen, click the name, send an e-mail and usually receive word back quickly.  It has made my job more efficient in terms of hiring officials for dates next year and on into the future.

    To be honest, I was not cracked up about spending the money for this service at first.  However, I truly feel as if I've already reaped the benefits and your fee was a small price to pay for the help your service has provided me.  I wish more officials would jump on board & see that this service is on the cutting edge of modern technology.  Thanks for what you've done to make my job easier for an AD who hates making multitudes of phone calls.  Keep up the good work!  B Musgrave, AD - Napoleon HS
  • Your SportsOfficialsOnline web site has made my job 100% easier.  It makes contacting officials quicker and easier because it narrows my search.  That alone is worth it.  Second, it helps tremendously with rescheduling games on short notice because I can pick out a couple of available officials and usually within one or two calls I can have an official.  I feel that once I make it part of my routine for hiring officials for next seasons it will be of a great benefit in that area also.  Using the email function has made contacting these officials so much better.  This service is tremendous. B Mast, AD -Hardin Northern HS
  • I have found SportsOfficialsOnline.com to be a very useful and time saving website. It has been especially helpful during spring sports with all the rainouts. T Bryan, AD - Lincolnview HS
  • Your service has been invaluable in finding replacement officials for games. Let me give you a few examples:

    I have had five or six occasions where I've had an official contact me the day before a contest because they could not make a contracted game for a legitimate reason. I was able to use your service to get a replacement official with only one or two phone calls. In the past I might have made 20 or 30 phone calls in my attempts to get the game covered. It would get to the point where my only concern was to fill the hole with a "warm body". Plus, I was bothering a large number of officials at home with phone calls that were already scheduled for a game.

    This spring I have rescheduled more cancelled games then ever before because of your service. In the past, it has been rare for us to reschedule any weather-cancelled softball/baseball except for varsity league contests. We would almost never reschedule a JV contest in these sports. By using your service, I have rescheduled more contests this spring than ever before, thus giving our athletes more opportunities to compete. (Isn't this what it's all about?) I can use your service while I am on the phone with another AD and see what the availability of officials is for any particular date that we are talking about rescheduling.

    I anticipate that I will still go through my normal process for the initial contracting of officials and use your service for those times when an official cannot make a contracted event or when we want to reschedule.

    I also feel that your service is going to give newer/younger officials a chance to work more contests. I have had officials come to Bluffton that I would never have contacted without your service. As we see the willingness of these officials to work games and then get a chance to see them work, I am more likely to offer them games in the future. I would think that this would help to encourage some of our younger officials to stay in the business of officiating games.

    I have already sent a letter to the volleyball officials' organizations on Lima and Findlay encouraging them to have their members sign up for your service. Volleyball is one of the sports where it can be more difficult to find officials and I would anticipate that your service would be of a great benefit.

    I apologize for writing such a long response when you only asked for a few lines but I feel your service has been of great assistance to our school. J Raabe, AD - Bluffton HS
  • As hectic as yesterday became (as it does in the Spring) the ONE thing I can be thankful of is that getting umpires for a last minute make-up game was NOT one of the things that added to the stress of the day and that was due to your website.  I, as well as our secretary (who good athletic directors will tell you REALLY run the show!) appreciate VERY much this website.  It has been invaluable to us and has worked EXTREMELY well for us.  I was also going to pass my thanks to Jeff Keckler who introduced this site to me.

    Interestingly enough, our secretary is married to an assignor and is also an active basketball official.  He like many has been skeptical and I have repeated over and over again that I am the most skeptical person in the world and I support this 100%.  I hope his association becomes a convert as I have told him it would benefit HIM and I over and over again.  As an assignor, he and his wife have spent the better part of the last two weeks on the telephone in the evening trying to solve school's problems on assignments.  Your website solves that problem.

    I will  continue to support your endeavors and hope you reach your goal. J Snodgrass, AD - Findlay HS
  • I use the SportsOfficialsOnline on a regular basis. In fact, I am using the "Directory of Officials" book less and less. You know who is available on the date you need filled and can contact them instantly, either by phone or email. J.H., AD Ottoville HS

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